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Meet the team

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds. Some work full time whilst some are full time mums. But we all volunteer our spare time to do what we care about most..... supporting our community!




Darren became a Community First Responder after reading about the scheme in his local paper. Already a trained First Aider at Work he was keen to learn a new skill and be able to help people in the local community. He has been in the scheme for over ten years and enjoys the work as it's so different from his day job. He carries out his responding mostly in the evenings, but also responds some daytimes and weekends.



Hello, I’m Sam.  I qualified as a CFR in December 2012 and have been actively responding since January 2013. Responding is a great way to help the local community, having the chance to quite literally make a life-saving difference. Luckily though these cases are quite infrequent so we have to be prepared to help in perhaps less practical ways too. For an elderly person, at home alone, having suffered a fall or a painful injury simply having someone with them can make a real difference to their general wellbeing and if their condition does deteriorate you’re there ready to escalate our level of assistance. The value of this is hard to quantify but is genuine.


I’m also the Team Leader for the East Grinstead group and am proud to be working with such a dedicated team.





My name is Neil. I qualified as a responder in March 2014.  Being a trained first aider at work and a member of St John Ambulance, this was a great way to continue and expand my training. It has expanded the valuable skills and knowledge needed to make me more effective when helping people that need it.  


I really enjoy that I can help others with the skills that I have gained, from treatment to being there just for reassurance can make the difference in someone's life which is pretty amazing!

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