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Our equipment

The equipment that we use when responding is purchased through community fund raising and grants. The kit bag, defibrillator, uniform and car plates cost about £1,400!

Take a look below at what equipment we use when responding to emergency calls.
Kit Bag
Our Kit bag contains various pieces of first aid equipment such as: Gloves, Oxygen, face masks, bandages, aspirin, Salbutamol for breathing difficulties, cool packs, resuscitation masks, oropharyngeal airways and more.

Perhaps the most important piece of our kit is our automated external defibrillator, or AED. Our defibrillator could be the life saver when on scene in the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest.
Uniform and communications

You can recognise a CFR in the local area as we will be wearing a red polo shirt marked "Community First Responder". Alerts are sent to us via a mobile phone that is issued by the ambulance service. An alert contains the address of the emergency, the nature of the emergency and we are often sent updating notes whilst on route to the emergency caller. We have a number of codes that we can use to communicate with the EOC (emergency operations center) and we can find out the ambulances location and ETA to the scene of the emergency. Our vehicles have signs on the sides to show we are First responders, please look out for these when out and about to help us get to patients quicker as we don't use blue lights.
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